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"A serious pitfall of Do-It-Yourself campus security is the temptation to tackle a project that should be entrusted to professionals.  Avoid the DIY approach to safety and security. Instead, take a mindful approach that is systematic and leverages the expertise of qualified professionals."

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The Risky Business of DIY Church Security: There Is a Better Way

Worship Facilities Magazine, March 2019

Dennis Elledge, RA, PSP, AIA 

Despite limited training or experience, well-intentioned DIYers entrusted with complex projects can leave congregations open to far-reaching ramifications.


Dennis Elledge, RA, AIA 

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"Elledge believes that architects are in a pivotal position to help make the design and implementation of school security systems truly holistic, integrated, and manageable – both financially and logistically. “Schools need a long-range comprehensive security plan and must work on it for 5 to 10 to 15 years,” he says. “Lives are at risk. So schools need a comprehensive understanding of their security needs, an organized, long-term plan of prioritized actions to follow, and solutions that work with their current and future budgets. This is the most responsible and accountable path forward.”  Cam-Dex Security Article.

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The article states: 

"According to a new survey, 81 percent of students and 89 percent of parents expressed anxiety over school shootings with the start of the school year, and a majority of parents (75 percent) are willing to pay out of their own pockets to do something about school safety.


Additionally, both parent and student survey respondents ranked improved school security as the top priority for additional funding over academics, arts and athletics."

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Published in CNR Magazine March/April 2017

"...Senior Project Architect and Manager Dennis Elledge said the signature design element of the new LARC facility at LU is a collection of “tree glass” feature windows designed for the north and south building facades.

“These large windows will contain an window mullion and glass design to represent a grove of linden trees, indigenous trees from which Lindenwood University got its name,” said Suzanne Lercel, project designer....the unique hues of glass including shades of green, blue and gray comprise the windowed tree imagery, according to Lercel. “The tinted changes in hues are subtle and sophisticated, with the objective of creating a grove of trees that occupants can identify amidst the natural backdrop of existing trees on the site,” she said."


Another special feature is the “magic glass” technically known as electrochromic glass, also known as smart glass or electronically switchable glass, an innovative and modern building glass that can be used to address glare and heat gain in glass openings. “The unique characteristic of electrochromic glass is that it is able to provide variable sunlight control through the presence of solar sensors,” said Elledge. “It controls the sun, glare and heat but still allows individuals inside the facility to see outside clearly.” The “magic glass,” according to Elledge, stops a large amount of the heat that would normally radiate through the glass, and it also minimizes harmful ultraviolet rays at the same time. “The LARC is one of the first structures in the Midwest to be fitted with this type of solar technology,” he added.​​

Grace Church asked us to design a themed children's space that displayed Bible teachings in a contemporary and artful way.  Their desire was to make this space enjoyable and inspirational for children, parents and staff for years to come. 

The classrooms provide space for children ranging from Preschool through Sixth grade, with themed classrooms that communicate well to each age group.  There are castles and tree houses for the little ones, a sports themed room with climbing wall and a 'wacky and creative' interactive room, a kids worship space, and a 'recording studio' room for the older kids. 

All areas are equipped with the latest technology and interactive learning tools.  Visibility, security and a very efficient layout were top priorities along with a desire for high quality design.

Please take a look at the results on our Children's Themed Spaces page*

Or go to the WFX Article.

WFX Newsletter

June 2016

“We wanted to do something wonderful and creative that didn’t blow the budget,” says Elledge. “The question was always ‘what’s the best bang for the buck?’” For Grace Church St. Louis, creativity and artistry allowed them to produce something locally that stayed within the budget while creating a welcoming experience for children and families.

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