The former Crossroads outlet mall in Wentzville was transformed by a A1 corporate inteior and a new exterior facelift and entance design.DE|SL LLC
Corporate Office

New ownership provided a new life for this struggling mall.  We created a new image for the complex and designed their corporate offices, indoor basketball court, Christian nightclub and many meeting and instructional and work spaces.*

Corporate office interior design repurposed the former mall concourse into high-end attractive office space. DE|SL LLC
New corporate office main reception entrance interior renovation revitalized the struggling mall building and provides over 300,000 square feet of repurposed space in Wentzville. DE|SL LLC
Corporate office confernce room reclaimed from distressed mall building. DE|SL LLC
Former Wentzville Mall is reclaimed by new owners as corporate offices with premium executive office space. DE|SL LLC
Corporate office with glass surrounded confernce room was  reclaimed from the distressed mall building. DE|SL LLC
Outdated outlet mallis renovated to provide corporate offices and call center for national company. DE|SL LLC
Former Wentzville Crossroads Outlet Mall is transformed by new owner and corporate office renovation with high-end employee lounge space repurposed from original high celing concourses. DE|SL LLC