Comprehensive Security Design Company (CompSecure)

What's it all about?

It's virtually unique and new to the security (industry that continues to operate within Business As Usual habits of the last few centuries).

  1. It's about being comprehensive but not excessive or extravagant.

  2. It's about being organized and thoughtful, not reactionary or panicked.

  3. It's about being skillfully evaluated and prioritized.

  4. It's about being master-planned and phased.

  5. It's about being budget friendly and cost effective.

  6. It's about being accountable and confident.

How is this accomplished?

  1. Begin with a foundational comprehensive security assessment & ComPASS drawing to establish a current "snapshot" of your total security condition and needs.

  2. Wisely evaluate the conditions and security needs to determine priorities.

  3. Establish a security master-plan that identifies coordinated phasing.

  4. Identify the next (or first) phase of implementation to move you forward.

  5. Professionally design and document the phased security project for competitive bidding by vetted general contractors. [This provides the best opportunity for the best pricing and desired effective quality.]

  6. Construct, install and test the work to confirm the project will be as successful as possible..

What makes CompSecure different?

  1. As a licensed registered architect (RA) and board certified physical security professional (PSP), I am especially prepared to evaluate, organize, manage, plan and implement the comprehensive process every individual business requires.

    • Facility Life Security is highly complex and interrelated with architecture, life/fire safety and "life security" and is often interdependent with competing requirements and regulations.

    • This situation demands the right qualifications and experience to provide the budget friendly and cost effective solution.

    • We approach the situation from a new and better perspective, where we take an organized holistic approach that uses the tried and true architectural project concept to provide competitive pricing and design quality implementations.

    • This virtually guarantees a premium outcome for less cost, in a budget coordinated process.

  2. A seasoned and accomplished designer, program/project manager with exceptional problem solving skills.

    • A comprehensive security process and facility project involves numerous engineers, consultants, building officials, client representatives and stakeholders that need to be coordinated, informed and engaged.

    • The difficult and challenging security program demands a creative and passionate program manager/designer to sort through the complexities and develop a meaningful and cost effective solution.

  3. An active and passionate participant in promoting the improvement, professionalism and effectiveness of the security industry through various means and methods.

    • Founder and leader of the Comprehensive Security Design Consortium educating security professionals and promoting excellence in security practices.

    • ICC Building Code Safety & Security committee member and contributor.

    • Participated and helped edit multi state Safety & Security law creation and revisions.

    • Author/Contributor to magazine and media publications promoting excellence in security.

    • Presenter and speaker at various security related venues.

  4. Innovator in security assessment and design process through private practice and at the security association level (ASIS).

    • Developed and utilize the long needed ComPASS complimenting assessment plan.

    • Research and Development of a computer aided evaluation/prioritization process to provide a "Second Opinion" resource to the traditional approach.


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