Our preliminary FirstPASSTM/SM study is meant to be a first step in the creation of a well-rounded security approach which includes an organized security procedure program, security team, security technology and potential facility enhancements. 

facility security with protective design 

Over the years, clients have asked us to provide assistance with improving the security of their facilities and protecting the occupants and staff in the event of a violent intruder or active shooter situation, in response to recent news and concerns.

Our  goal and approach is to provide facility enhancement solutions that are effective yet minimally obtrusive. We have developed our approach in such a way as to cooperate with current thinking and training by national leaders such as the ALICE Training Institute.

graphical report

We provide a valuable FirstPASSTM?SM overview for your site and building.  Our study gives you initial information that helps you evaluate the need for additional measures, and provide a graphical report with site and floor plans that can be used as the foundation of an ongoing security master-plan.**

your call

Your entire security approach is totally in your hands in regard to needs, priorities, timeline and budget. If you decide to pursue additional measures we can help you work with security experts, evaluate the facility aspects, prioritize the elements and provide documents to acquire estimates and implementation through the construction process.

next steps

One reasonable sequence of events after FirstPASSTM/SM could be to prepare a more detailed review and report including:

  • Formal Security Risk Assessment (through providers such as  ALICE and Bay Area Risk)

  • Comprehensive architectural security study and review by certified security experts

  • Customized security operations program and manual

  • Emergency & Team Training

  • Enhancement implementation and/or construction documents

  • Combining all facility security technology

  • Competitive bidding and construction

* FirstPASSTM/SM  (First P.A.S.S. - Preliminary Architectural Security Study) This is a service, architectural in nature, and offers a preliminary overview of concerns and options and should be reviewed by your certified security consultant.

** The availability and condition of existing site and building drawings affect the amount of effort involved and quality of the study.  Where accurate plans are not available, alternative options need to be assessed.