Dr. Loftin C. Woodiel, Associate

Dr. Loftin C. Woodiel is a dynamic university professor, criminal justice professional and corporate security executive with a successful track record of performing with excellence.


An Associate Professor with Missouri Baptist University's Graduate Programs in Criminal Justice & Corporate Security Leadership.  Dr. Woodiel is a nationally recognized researcher and communicator with a demonstrated ability to achieve global understanding and compliance through quality discovery and presentation. He is a prolific writer with over 140 publications to his credit, and he has provided strategic leadership to a number of international criminal justice / security initiatives and conferences. Dr. Woodiel has chaired Academy of Criminal Justice Science (ACJS) panels in "Vulnerability Assessment and Target Hardening," "International Practices in Profiling, Prevention and Counterterrorism," "Victimization and White Collar Crime," "White Collar Crime Trends," "Crime Prevention to Explain Criminal Incidents," "Need for Inter-Disciplinary Partnerships to Improve Security & Crime Control," and others. Most recently, he served on the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International's Technical Committee and/or Working Group to develop a global "Physical Asset Protection (PAP) Standard," "Management Requirements with Guidance Regarding System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations," "Chief Security Officer -- An Organizational Model," "Risk Assessment Standards," "Managing the Investigation Process," and others.  


Dr. Woodiel is a U.S. Air Force veteran who excelled in three leadership tiers: airman, NCO, and commissioned officer. An innovative, results-driven federal law enforcement and security professional, he has the proven ability to successfully build and integrate high-performance policing and investigative programs. Whether representing the U.S. government interests at major protests in foreign countries, managing an investigation into the disclosure of classified material, extracting potential terrorists from nuclear missile sites, or protecting the human and tangible assets of a community, Dr. Woodiel has charged the motivation and productivity of his teams, elevating their performance to award-winning caliber via mature composure, clarification of job knowledge and expectation, and solid leadership.


As an up-front international security executive, Dr. Woodiel possesses the business acumen to influence and drive change. While with a high profile, multi-national bank & financial services corporation, Dr. Woodiel led the integration of four global business units, each with multiple subsidiary companies, into one corporate physical security structure -- analyzing security operations of each; identifying security gaps and individual processes; building key relationships and trust; developing goals and strategy; and implementing standardization that improved overall security. Dr. Woodiel’s internationally seasoned security leadership has been illustrated in several situations, including: the extraction of Mexican cartel influence and fortification of physical / process security in a Latin American financial services market; implementation of successful anti-terrorism techniques at key European offices under challenge by the Animal Liberation Front; and the enhancement of physical protective service measures for Greek offices as national riots intensified. His robust international corporate travel security program coupled with defined executive and expatriate protection programs are considered the highest quality by industry leaders.  He proactively shaped the security culture of his Fortune 100 client through the design and delivery of global "Security Tone from the Top" and "Security in the Workplace" awareness training.


Dr. Woodiel is currently the ACJS Security & Crime Prevention Section Chairman and a past president of both the Saint Louis FBI Sponsored Infragard Alliance and the Saint Louis "Top Secret" Security Users Group. He is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS); American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS); Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE); the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association (MCJA); and the Saint Louis Terrorism Early Warning Group (EWG).


Degreed in multiple disciplines, Dr. Woodiel earned his Ph.D. from Saint Louis University with focus on "Crime in American Society;" an M.A. from University of Central Oklahoma in Criminal Justice Management & Administration; a graduate certificate in International Terrorism Studies from the University of Saint Andrews; bachelors’ degrees from both Western Illinois University and Southern Illinois University in liberal arts; and an A.A.S. from the Community College of the Air Force in Law Enforcement.  Dr. Woodiel earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credentials from ASIS.


Recent awards include the 2012 Allan J. Cross Award from ASIS for continuing studies and the Order of Merit from the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs for his work with the Republic of Georgia's Ministry of Corrections in Tbilisi.