Comprehensive Security Design Consortium (CSDC)

The NEW Business As Usual (TNBAU)


  1. To promote Excellence in Security for the benefit of the community, by

    • Improving the practices of security industry, through elevated qualifications, standards, through dialogue,

    • Encourage & challenge to improvement ,

    • Discuss relevant research, group evaluation, consider innovation, creativity,

    • Advance through the power of the unity of group endeavor, action, networking and promotion.

  2. To provide meaningful meetings and presentations related to the safety and security that inform and challenge.

  3. To encourage individual and business advancement especially toward excellence.



  1. Adhere to the Mission as much as is within you and in professional, ethical and upright behavior at all times.

  2. Be respectful, considerate, open-minded and cooperative with fellow participant’s.

  3. Avoid inappropriate and/or selfish personal and business advancement, and seeking sales opportunities.

  4. Work, operate and plan through the direction of founder/coordinator, and his assigned delegate and subsequent delegation (until a formal board of directors is established).

  5. Offer proposed prevention ideas and presentations to the founder/coordinator for consideration and approval.

  6. Provide any written complaint and/or criticism to the founder/coordinator for his consideration and response well prior to broadening communications to others. 



Dennis R. Elledge, RA, PSP, AIA of DE|SL LLC

  • In a professional response to some of our clients over the last several years and their request to help to integrate improved security measures in our architectural project with them, I began in-depth research and evaluations.

  • Motivated by obvious impact of current cultural violence and the need for preparation and response to it, I was motivated to raise my professional level of understanding and qualification to help improve our designs and the protection of the community.

  • In mid-October 2018 we began to formulate the Comprehensive Security Design Consortium (CSDC) and had our first formal meeting in November 2018 at the offices of DE|SL LLC.

  • The future of Consortium is yet to be defined, to be determined by need, response, degree of successful influence and ability.











COMPREHENSIVE security and safety that takes virtually all aspects into account, from the physical, to the operational, prevention, training, recovery and analysis. 

PROPERLY ASSESSED security and safety that clearly identifies, evaluates and documents the real conditions and status of the entire complex. 

WISELY PRIORITIZED security and safety based on specific needs and situation, rather than sporadic and reactionary decisions, where the most important and impactful solutions are implemented. 

BUDGET COMPATIBLE security and safety where thoughtful conclusions are matched to short- and long-term budget planning. 

MASTER-PLANNED security and safety where the comprehensive approach is systematically applied in an organized and realistic manner over time. 




Based on our research, observations, interactions, and those of the early potential participants we have identified a limited number of professionals and specialists we feel may have interest and can offer meaningful input, in this new and relatively small discussion group, or “consortium” as one participant instantly offered.



  • To work toward the improvement of the comprehensive security for schools, churches and businesses etc., in the areas of quality, economy and performance. The primary focus is about the client, the people and our communities. This is less about our businesses and finances.

  • Primary concerns, observations and trends.

  • Our new culture has developed into a situation where Active shooter and workplace violence incidents are increasing, resulting in public concern and fear, forcing an increase in security improvements.

  • We find ourselves trying to catch up to the provide safety in areas previously unheard of and unexpected.

  • The government is getting involved with laws and grants.

  • Schools, churches and businesses etc. are responding to the new need and making improvements.

The approach

The approach all to often is to proceed with improvements through Business As Usual. This we define as an approach used prior to the new culture and new requirements, focusing on protecting things as a priority, rather than people.:

  1. Where many react to media sensationalism and rush to do almost anything that someone suggests.

  2. Where the owner tends to decide and manage the process “internally"

  3. Where the process is less researched, less comprehensive, less planned, organized.

  4. Where the security needs was more about protecting stuff, and therefore the risk was less important.

  5. Where the familiar and routine provider was called in to design and provide.

  6. Where the needs and systems were simpler and fewer.

  7. Where the scope was smaller and independent.

  8. Where integration was limited and more manageable.

  9. Where the work might be completed without involvement of life safety and fire permits.

  10. Where the technical and ethical demands were lower.

  11. Where the security industry was smaller and more mature.

  12. Where the work was virtually voluntary and less scrutinized.

  13. Now I propose it is well past time for the change to TNBAU.

  14. How will it be new?

  15. It requires a higher concern for life safety, over stuff safety.

  16. It requires a comprehensive approach.

  17. It requires a realistic, reasonable and ready plan of action

  18. It requires wise master planning, prioritizing and long rang budgeting.

  19. It requires a holistic and well designed approach.

  20. It requires more accountability and certified professionalism.

  21. It requires a team and comprehensive project management approach.


What do we hope to accomplish:

  • Improve safety through comprehensive and high value design.

  • Reduce wasted money and inefficient implementations.

  • Increase client’s adequacy and accountability to his constituents.

  • Improve the quality and reputation of the security industry.

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