Grace Church Biblically themed children's ministry hallway feature. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church STL main level children's ministry entrance from atrium. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church St. Louis themed graciously wide hallway to individual age graded children's ministry rooms. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church St. Louis lower level Themed children's ministry space. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church STL GraceKid's children's ministry main information and check-in control desk with Biblically based theming. DE|SL LLC

Grace Church recently renovated their Children's Ministry areas.

We worked with the team to transform the nearly empty space into an inspiring and inviting learning environment.  Our challenge was to integrate Biblical teachings in an artful way.  The result is a space that peeks the curiosity of children and adults alike.*

See our project featured in WFX Magazine.


Grace Church 


Colorful meeting area in the atrium space appealing to kids and parents.

The bright and inviting entry welcomes everyone.

The centrally located check-in desk is visible from every entrance. 

Artfully displayed biblical teaching in the hallways.

Artfully displayed Biblical teaching.

Accessible and colorful Check-in stations at each classroom.

Grace Church STL middle school themed audio studio inspired space. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church recording studio inspired youth space. DE|SL LLC

Every classroom is equipped with high-tech teaching tools.  This Recording Studio themed room hosts the 5th and 6th graders.

Grace Church STL children's ministry Biblically based feature wall and student's personal storage system. DE|SL LLC

The Check-in counter houses the room's storage and is accented with up-lit 'CD's.'

Grace Church St. Louis scriptually inspired children's themed hallway. DE|SL LLC

The 'Love is... '  artwork was designed by the church's own graphic artist and has a special place.

Grace Church STL themed children's classroom with rock climbing activity and feature walls. DE|SL LLC

The sports themed classroom projection wall is flanked by rock-climbing stencils.  The adjacent climbing wall is used for fun and as a teaching tool. 

Grace Church St. Louis themed children's classroom with sports focus. DE|SL LLC

Bicycles in brightly painted colors add a little humor and a way for kids to connect.

Grace Church STL children's worship and multi-purpose assembly room. DE|SL LLC

Fun and dedicated learning and worship space.

Grace Church STL scripturally inspired theming main hallway system. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church STL children's room themed for interactive learning. DE|SL LLC

Classrooms geared for interactive learning.

Bright hallways for the younger kids.

Grace Church STL GraceKids themed halways. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church STL GraceKids themed halways. DE|SL LLC

Artwork for Preschool and Kindergarten age groups.

Grace Church STL GraceKids themed halways. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church STL GraceKids themed halway with Check-In station. DE|SL LLC
Grace Church St. Louis GraceKids themed classroom for younger children. DE|SL LLC

Tree house themed classroom with two playhouses.

Check-in kiosk. 

Grace Church STL GraceKids themed young children classroom playhouse with openings. DE|SL LLC